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Manifesto: Free West Papua Party of Australia’s National Leadership Team

Manifesto (What We Believe)

The sole objective of Free West Papua Party of Australia (FWPP) is to activate Australia to support freedom and independence to West Papua. The following points state what the FWPP believes and stands for.

1. The Indonesian Military along with global corrupt governments, and associated transnational companies, are supporting the oppression of the West Papuan people to ensure they maintain control of West Papua’s rich natural resources.

2. The United Nations, European Union, and the Australian Government have received ample evidence of atrocities, massacres, torture, and crimes against humanity and chose to remain silent and complicit.

3. FWPP seeks to hold the Australia Government, et al, accountable for its complicity in the plight of West Papua.

4. The West Papuan people declared their independence on 1 Dec 1961 at the First West Papuan People’s Congress; and again on 4th June 2000, at the Second West Papuan People’s Congress.
a. The FWPP will continue to reaffirm West Papua’s declaration of Independence.
b. Terms such as ‘Self Determination’ are unhelpful and confusing and hide the Australian Government’s denial of West Papua’s independence.
c. The ‘Act of Free Choice’, in 1969, was a sham referendum headed by the US Government and United Nations with support from the Australian Government. The UN has failed to acknowledge, and rectify this, showing its lack of commitment to human rights, international law, and UN Resolution 1514. Consequently, the UN, and the Australian Government are complicit in genocide.

5. The Australian Government, and US Government, has more influence on the outcome of West Papua’s independence and freedom than the Indonesian Government.

6. For the Australian Government to reverse its complicity in West Papua’s oppression the following is required:
a. Abolish the Lombok Treaty that the Australian Government has signed with the Indonesia Government.
This treaty stinks of treachery and treason to both Australians and West Papuans. In particular, the treaty officially recognises Indonesian sovereignty over West Papua. This is wrong and needs to be replaced with the Australian Government recognising West Papua’s sovereignty to be a free and independent nation, as per UN Resolution 1514.
b. Stop all Australian Military support and cooperation with Indonesia.
Australia currently supplies arms and training to the Indonesian Military. Instead, the Australian Government should only forge military ties with countries that champion human rights and freedom.
c. The Australian Government to address the United Nations and ask for West Papua’s freedom and independence.
The Australian Government assisted Indonesia when West Papua’s rights and lives were taken away from them. It is now time for the Australian Government to repent and support West Papua’s freedom and independence

7. The Australian Government, due to its complicity in West Papua’s oppression, has an obligation to open its doors to West Papuan refugees.

8. Racism and hatred have no place in a just and democratic society or in the FWPP.

9. The FWPP does not support extremist groups that spread hatred of others because of race, culture, or religion.

10. The FWPP is a non-religious party.

11. The FWPP will attend rallies, and the like, and educate people about West Papua’s oppression.

12. The FWPP respects the United Liberation Movement for West Papua’s (ULMWP) efforts, and maintains that a broad range of efforts is required to free West Papua including the political efforts of the FWPP.

13. The FWPP is focused on Australian political issues that affect West Papua’s freedom and independence; on issues that don’t affect West Papua the FWPP respects diversity of opinion.

14. The FWPP will accept membership from anyone who supports this Manifesto and party Constitution.

Signed by the Free West Papua Party of Australia’s National Leadership Team



Date: January 2016

Manifesto: Free West Papua Party of Australia’s National Leadership Team was originally published on United Liberation Movement

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