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Christmas Greetings for year 2013 and Happy New Year 2014 from West Papua Revolutionary Army

– From the Central Headquarters of West Papua Revolutionary Army

West Papua Revolutionary Army under the Revolution Commander Gen. TRWP Mathias Wenda hereby would like to say




Jesus Christ is recognized as the King of Peace because not because he came to the world and to befriend with the wickedness, get along with lies and manipulations and regard the sins and death as historical facts that have to be compromised and accepted without efforts to fix them as being the attitude of the current Governor of Papua and Papua Barat and all regents, mayors, district heads and all public servants in Papua Soil.

Jesus Christ came to the world as the King of Peace because he came NOT to harmonize the relationship between human beings and their own sins as being done by NKRI (Unitary Republic of Indonesia) in Papua Soil right now.

Jesus came, from the time of his birth to his rising up the heavens; he never committed a single sin and never allowed or accepted as a compromise or understood the facts that human beings are sinners. Particularly the sins due to the lies and manipulation by the devil, Jesus did not compromise at all. That is exactly why he is the world’s revolutionary supreme commander. All Papuans who call themselves already accepted Jesus, or become Christians should be asking in his heart:

“Should I cooperate with the sins of the NKRI and accept the historical fact that is full of lies and manipulation as a historical fact, even though it is deceitful?”

Jesus is called the King of Peace because he came to carry out total Revolution, once and for ever, and he did so successfully PEACEFULLY. That is why he is called the King of Peace and the month of his birth is called the Peaceful and Joyful month. Therefore, all Christians must know this precisely, that those who carry out shootings, killings and riots in this Month of Peace in Papua Soil or elsewhere in the world are surely done by the enemies of the King of Peace, the troops of the deceivers, and those who do not know the King of Peace.

Jesus came to bring peace between human beings and God as the Creator, the relationship that was disconnected since the fall of human into sin. The fall of man into sin is mainly caused by the Satan as the father of all Liars. He came to recover the lost connection due to the lies.

The struggle to free Papua is a revolution, total remaking of history and nation, to get out from NKRI frame and get away the manipulation of the Netherlands, Indonesia and the United States that had already brought about curse and nightmare to the Papuan peoples. The Revolutionary Army of West Papua carries out the mission and vision of the revolutionary Jesus Christ, that he completed, by preparing our troops in the jungles of New Guinea to first of all to empty themselves and become nothing/ nobody for the truth that the history of West Papua was manipulated, and the truth had been deliberately hidden away, and consistently against the Indonesian lies based on the teaching of the father of liars. Thirdly that the revolution being carried out by the Papuan guerilla fighters is a revolution to bring about everlasting peace between Papuans and Indonesians, a perfect peace without manipulation, a peace based on mutual recognition and respect and helping each other as everlasting neighbors, as human beings, as children of the Lord.

The birth of Jesus as the King of Peace is the beginning of the biggest and worldwide revolution that ever occurred in our human history and in this planet Earth’s history. The peaceful revolution is based upon the truth, and not the reverse. The struggle to Free West Papua should be aimed at finding the truth of the historical facts of the annexation and occupation of West Papua by Indonesia for the peace and stability in our Melanesia and South Pacific regions. This is a holy fight, a struggle to free a nation who is blessed by the Lord, not because the Papuans asking to God to be blessed, but due to the prayers of the Papuan prophets and apostles so that this land and her people is blessed and be filled with one miracle to the other miracle.


Issued at: Central Headquarters

On Date: December 25th, 2013


Supreme Commander,




Amunggut Tabi, Lt. Gen TRWP

BRN: A.DF 018676


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  3. […] Christmas Greetings for year 2013 and Happy New Year 2014 from West Papua Revolutionary Army […]

  4. […] Christmas Greetings for year 2013 and Happy New Year 2014 from West Papua Revolutionary Army […]

  5. […] Christmas Greetings for year 2013 and Happy New Year 2014 from West Papua Revolutionary Army […]

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